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About Confolio

Confolio (currently known as EntryScape) was initially developed by the KTH team of the Organic.Edunet project consortium and is currently supported by MetaSolutions AB. The Organic.Edunet Confolio instance was widely used during the Organic.Edunet project, where the critical mass of collections was developed. It was used in order to support the development of educational collections/repositories that consisted the initial Organic.Edunet Federation, therefore it is fully compliant with Organic.Edunet. It supports the creation of metadata records for resources that are either online (by providing the corresponding URL), or by uploading the resources themselves. It supports the Organic.Edunet IEEE LOM AP and automated harvesting of metadata records. A number of resources providing guidelines for the usage of Confolio (e.g. handbooks, videos, demos etc.) are available to anyone through the dedicated page of the Organic.Edunet Web portal.

Confolio OE.JPG

There are currently four Confolio installations serving the Organic.Edunet collections:

KTH installation

The KTH (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden) Confolio installation is available at and currently provides access to the following collections of Organic.Edunet:

  • Ecologica
  • Intute
  • Spanish Organic Agriculture Learning Resources
  • YouTube Educational Videos

GRNET installation

The GRNET (Greek Research & Technology Network, Greece) Confolio installation is available at and currently provides access to the following collections of Organic.Edunet:

  • FAO Capacity Building Portal
  • FAO Corporate Document Repository
  • Greek Rural Schools
  • Organic Eprints
  • Organic Agriculture Information Access
  • Soil Association
  • WWF Hellas


AUA Confolio installation

The AUA (Agricultural University of Athens, Greece) Confolio installation is available at and currently provides access to the following collections of Organic.Edunet:

  • AUA Collection
  • Bio@gro learning resources

BMUKK Confolio installation

The Austrian Confolio installation is available at and provides access to the Austrian collection.

Using Confolio

Confolio is a fully compliant tool for creating resources for the Organic.Edunet federation and is rather simple in usage. In order to create a metadata record using Confolio tool, you have to follow the next steps: 

  1. Create a basic metadata record: After logging in Confolio using the credentials that we have provided you for this purpose and select the folder that is going to be populated with your resources, you can create a metadata record for a resource that either exists online or will be uploaded in the Confolio server. In both cases you will have to create a basic metadata record for it, including the URL pointing to the resource, the type of resource, the title and a short description about this resource, This step also includes the acceptance of the Organic.Edunet Core Criteria, in order for the creator of the metadata record to be able to move to the next step.
  2. The basic metadata record including only the mandatory elements is completed in the next step, after the creator of the metadata record provides information regarding the language of the information entered in the previous step regarding the title, description and the language of the resource, as well as basic information about the copyright status of the specific resource. The basic metadata record is created after the user clicks on [Finish]
  3.  In order to enrich the metadata record, so that it contains at least the recommended metadata elements (according to the Organic.Edunet metadata AP), the user can select the metadata record from the list of records and edit it. Then, the appropriate information has to be entered by the user in fields including keywords, educational context, end user role etc., as well as classification terms based on the Organic.Edunet ontology.
  4. The user is also allowed to enter additional information about the resource by clicking on the tickbox next to the [Optional] field, so that the metadata description is further enriched.
  5.  Validation is also performed using the Confolio tool, as shown in the image below:

Useful Resources

A number of resources related to the Confolio tool are available:

These resources are also available through the Organic.Edunet Web portal and can be read using an online interface (no need to download).

Additional resources related to Confolio tool:

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