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The Data Exchange Agreement (DAE) is a document that makes the collaboration between Organic.Edunet & a new content provider more official, by providing a clear context for the collaboration. The major points of the DAE are:

  • Organic.Edunet only stores and publishes a metadata record for each resource, linking to the original location of the actual resource. However, the actual files can also be stored in the Organic.Edunet server, upon the content provider's request.
  • The content provider keeps the ownership of both the digital resources and the metadata records and can retract at any time.
  • A 30-days notice will have to be given prior to any request for the removal of a specific collection, in order to allow Organic.Edunet to take the necessary actions for the removal/retraction of the corresponding material.
  • In order for the metadata records to be published through the Organic.Edunet Web portal, they have to be licenced using a Creative Commons license (or any equivalent) that allows their re-use.
  • Organic.Edunet holds no liability for any misuse of the information available through the Organic.Edunet Web portal.

The DAE has to be signed by both parties (Organic.Edunet and the content provider), confirming the agreement on these basic aspects of the collaboration.

Data Exchange Agreement - [Download]

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