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In case that your resources are already annotated with metadata using an appropriate tool BUT

  • this tool does not support the automated harvesting of these resources using the OAI-PMH protocol OR
  • you have not enabled this option, you will have to follow the next steps:

  1. Make sure that your metadata records can be exported as XML files.
  2. Export the XML files for each one of your digital resources using your metadata annotation/repository tool.
  3. Send us the XML files by an email (a compressed file attachment, containing all the XML files) to collections [at] organicedunet [dot] eu, in order for us to import them in one of the compliant tools, so that we can work on them as metadata records.
  4. At this step we will also need the Metadata Application Profile used for the creation of your metadata records.
  5. The Organic.Edunet metadata experts will evaluate the metadata records in terms of completeness and validity of the metadata.
  6. According to the results, we may have to work with you on a metadata mapping in order to align the metadata elements between the AP used by your system and the Organic.Edunet one. Some testing will be required before we achieve the optimum level of compliance.

You can contact us at collections [at] organicedunet [dot] eu in order to help us evaluate the content of your collection and the metadata records and work with you on the mapping of the metadata elements.

Ingestion vs harvesting.png

Alternatively, in order to facilitate the mapping process, content providers will be guided to use an adapted version of the MINT (Metadata Interoperability Services) tool, which can guide the user through the mapping and aggregation of metadata records, and proceeds to implement a variety of remediation approaches for the resulting repository. The platform offers a user and organization management system that allows the deployment and operation of different aggregation schemes (thematic or cross-domain, international, national or regional) and corresponding access rights. Registered organizations can upload (http, ftp, oai-pmh) their metadata records in xml or csv serialization in order to manage, aggregate and publish their collections.

More information about the adapted version of the MINT software will be available soon through this page.

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