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The following apply in the case that you would like to contribute your resources, BUT

  1. These resources are not currently described with metadata OR
  2. You already have the metadata descriptions for your resources but these descriptions cannot be exported in any way from your system

In this case you could use one of the Organic.Edunet compliant tools and ensure that your metadata records will be appropriate for publication in the Organic.Edunet Web portal.

Creation of metadata records

The metadata records available through the Organic.Edunet Web portal are created using the Organic.Edunet metadata application profile, which is an adapted version of the Learning Object Metadata (LOM) open standard published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association (IEEE). You may use any metadata annotation tool you wish, including thetools already compliant with Organic.Edunet.

Create a metadata record for each one of the digital resources using the tool of your choice, providing as much information as possible. Please make sure that you provide the required information for at least the mandatory elements of the Organic.Edunet Learning Object Metadata Application Profile (AP). The Organic.Edunet IEEE LOM AP as well as the list of mandatory, recommended and optional metadata elements can also be found in the Organic.Edunet Deliverable D5.1.2, According to the richness of your metadata records, different levels of compliance will apply to your resources:

Level 1: involves only mandatory metadata elements, providing basic metadata description of the resources.
Level 2: involves recommended metadata elements, providing a full metadata description of the resources
Level 3: involves optional metadata elements, providing enhanced metadata descriptions for the resources.

In case you did not use any of the aforementioned compliant tools for the annotation of your resources, we may have to work with you on a metadata mapping in order to align the metadata elements between the AP used by your system and the Organic.Edunet one. Some testing will be required before we achieve the optimum level of compliance.

Publication of records through the Organic.Edunet Web portal

After the metadata records have been through the quality review process, they will be published online through the Organic.Edunet Web portal. The records are periodically harvested by the Organic.Edunet harvester. Compared to real-time harvesting, the OAI-PMH is lighter to implement and the protocol is expandable.

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