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The Organic.Edunet ontology is a conceptual model useful for classifying learning materials on the Organic Agriculture (OA) and Agroecology (AE) domain. Also, it is the core element for the advanced searching functionality (called “Semantic Search”) that is provided by the portal and it allows users to get better results when searching for learning materials on this domain.

Semantic Search

In order the Organic.Edunet ontology to be built, experts in different fields ―domain experts, ontology experts, librarians and external consultants― have coordinated. More specifically, an expert committee on OA & AE topics studied existing taxonomies and categorizations – such as the Bio@gro ([1]) OA taxonomy or FAO’s AGRIS/CARIS subject categories ([2]) and AGROVOC ([3]), – used them as a basis and elaborated a classified list of terms. Thus some terms include mapping information to terms in those vocabularies (for more see ANNEX C of the Deliverable D2.2.3c). Also, as the list of terms was initially developed in English and then translated in other languages, the list of terms contains over 400 terms in English and their corresponding translations in the following languages:

  1. Spanish (es)
  2. German (de)
  3. Greek (gr)
  4. Romanian (ro)
  5. Hungarian (hu)
  6. Estonian (et)
  7. Russian (ru)
  8. Norwegian- Bokmål (no)
  9. Bulgarian (bg)
  10. Czech (cs)
  11. Dutch (nl)
  12. French (fr)
  13. Hindi (hi)
  14. Slovenian (slv)
  15. Turkish (tr)
  16. Portuguese (pt)
  17. Italian (it)

Regarding the ontology structure - main concepts, relationships and predicates of the ontology - you could find more information at Chapter 4 of the Organic.Edunet Deliverable D2.2.3c "Revised version of Organic Agriculture and Agroecology Domain Model Representation". In addition, the outcomes of the evolution of the Organic.Edunet ontology which have taken place in the context of the Organic.Lingua project are reflected in the deliverable D3.1.2.4 Revised (final) Organic.Edunet ontology and IEEE LOM application profile.

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